Sunday rituals

Sundays are a day where I like to unwind and set the best energy forward for the week. I have a strict “no bad vibes” rule for Sundays.  It is a day for self care, calling in positive vibes for the upcoming week, and recharging your batteries. 

I usually wake up around 8 am and I tend to spend a little extra time in bed. I am in no rush whatsoever.

After about an hour, I finally get up and make myself an iced matcha. I use matcha powder and water and top off with ice. 

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As I sip my matcha drink, I start taking my vitamins. Right now, I am taking supplements for hair, skin, and nails. It has been very good for my hair and my skin. I have seen a huge improvement and have even gotten some baby hairs to grow.

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I also take prenatal vitamins. Even though I am not pregnant or trying to get pregnant, these vitamins are extremely beneficial even if you aren’t trying to conceive. 

These are the ones I am currently taking.

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After I take my vitamins, I usually start getting ready for my day. I try to just chill in lounge wear unless I have to make an unexpected errand that I can’t leave for Monday. I like to get that out of the way as early as possible so I can just get home and relax.

I also take this time to get something to eat and go to the gym. This always makes me feel better if I haven’t been extra healthy on the weekend.

Once I am done doing whatever errands I needed to do for the day, I try to just chill at home and unwind. I love burning the 11:11 Sundays candles. It features notes of fresh rosemary, lavender, palo santo smoke, and cannabis. It is super earthy and just sets such a relaxing tone for the day. 

I also love to catch up on shows on Netflix.  I have been watching Ozarks, Good Girls, and some other random ones that seem interesting. 

In the late afternoon, I usually try and take a bath. I love taking baths on Sundays and I love making it a beautiful, relaxing moment.

My bath ritual have become a fixed part of my Sunday.


I light a yummy candle, burn a little palo santo, and draw a nice hot bath. I have been adding a bath detox soak.

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Clay has been proven to be extremely helpful. It works wonders by absorbing toxins from your skin. It doesn’t work like a sauna, but rather it pulls the toxins from your skin and absorbs them into their molecules. I prefer this method better. It does give your bath water a grey like opaque color, but I promise it is awesome!

After I soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes, get out and jump in the shower. It always makes me feel so much better to wash off the clay!

I have very sensitive skin and I often change shower gels and soaps. I have been obsessed lately with the Milton Brown line. Right now I am using the Molton Brown Pink Pepper shower gel. I love how it smells and it just feels luxurious.

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After my shower, I try to just end my day early. I unwind with some tea and just start getting ready for the week ahead. 

I hope you enjoy my Sunday ritual ideas and I hope you take some extra time for yourself on Sundays to just relax and milk the beautiful moments.



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