How to achieve hydrated skin in the winter





Winter months can be so harsh on your skin. The cold air just sucks the moisture right out of your skin. Aside from the weather, even the products you use can dry your skin out even more. Products like certain soaps, deodorants , and even cleaning products you may use around the house can dry out your skin and strip away oils and fats from skin surface.


How to tell if you have dry skin.

  • your skin feels tight
  • your skin is itchy or you find yourself scratching 
  • skin feels and looks rough
  • flakiness, ashiness
  • fine lines or small cracks


Tips for conquering dry skin 

  • Take a closer look at the products you use on your skin. Some products have hidden ingredients that are actually causing you skin to dry out.
  • Use a natural body oil. We offer the Body Oil on the shop, which is made from natural ingredients derived straight from nature. No harsh or hidden chemicals!
  • Drink lots of water. Water is amazing for dry skin. If you increase your water intake, your skin will thank you.




I hope this was helpful to you and thank you so much for reading!




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