New month affirmations


Just wanted to invite you to share a quick peaceful moment to welcome in this new month.
Find a quiet and comfortable space and focus on the energy you want to call in this month. Take a deep breath and let go of any tension or stress and slowly visualize the negative energy leaving your body. Release the things from the past that are holding you back. 
Be present in this moment so you can call in your desires for this month.
Take a deep breath and recite:
  • I am capable of receiving abundance.
  • Great things are always happening to me.
  • I know my worth and I never settle for less than what I desire.
  • I give myself grace and space to evolve and become a better version of myself.
  • I put my trust in the universe to deliver everything I want in perfect timing.
  • I prioritize self care to nourish my body and create a better version of myself.






Sending you so much love and I hope you take a moment for yourself this month.




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