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Hello lovelies!

I feel like I am such a picky person when it comes to products. I absolutely love when I find a great product and I love sharing that with the world. I also love sharing when a product is not as good as I expected because I find that to be very helpful as well. If you follow me on Instagram (@1111candleco), you know I have shared about current hair care before. I finally found some products I am happy with, so I wanted to share them with you and give a review as well as links. I hope you find this helpful!


I am absolutely loving the smoothing shampoo and conditioner from Dry Bar. On days I wash my hair,  I use the shampoo twice. I concentrate mainly on my scalp and massage the tips at the very end. I apply a generous amount of the conditioner, mainly on my tips. I don’t like using conditioner on my scalp. Your scalp really doesn’t need the extra oil and I find that by avoiding my scalp, my hair stays cleaner for longer periods of time because there is no product build up.

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After I am done washing and conditioning my hair, I lightly towel-dry it and detangle it. Once I am done with that, I  have been using a hair peptide treatment. This is the one I have been using so far, it is very hard to find. I have linked a similar one that is also very good!



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Once I smooth out the hair peptide treatment, I comb it through to make sure that it is evenly spread. I either let it air dry or I blow dry it and straighten it. 

I finish off with the Olaplex bonding oil. 

I am obsessed with this product. I find that it has truly improved the strength and overall feel of my hair.

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I also want to share that vitamins have also helped my hair grow and be stronger than ever. I do believe that you shouldn’t skip your hair vitamins if you want healthy hair. I have linked a couple of my favorites that I feel work really well.

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These work great and if you like gummies, they are the way to go.


These are so good!


I had so much fun sharing my current hair care with you. I really hope this was helpful for you.




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