Dinner at Pubbelly

I am such a huge foodie and Tony is too. So, if you give me an option between going to a club on a Saturday night or a nice restaurant, I would be picking the latter. We didn’t have the kids with us on Saturday evening, so we decided to make a date night out of it. We ended up at Pubbelly, here in Miami located at 8970 SW 72 PL. I do know that there are several locations for this restaurant, so if it sounds like a place you would like to visit, check your city!

It was a cute, open floor plan type of place. I typically don’t care much about the decor as long as the food is good. 

We sat down and were greeted by our waitress, Gaby. I ordered a Moscow mule (of course) and Tony ordered some signature spicy drink. The drinks came out relatively quick, the Moscow mule mix was not that great. I was unimpressed.  The food made up for it, though!


The first appetizer we got was the Tuna pizza. The name sounded heavy and unappetizing but this was a surprising snack. It was light, aromatic, and it had a delicious garlic aioli that just gave it depth and fat. Very light and fresh.
One of my favorite appetizers here is the Shishito peppers. They say when you eat food, if it is really good food, it should make you feel something or bring back a memory of some sort and this dish did it for me. They were charred to perfection and nestled in a mildly sweet sauce. The sweetness of the sauce counterbalanced the bitterness of the peppers and it lived in perfect harmony. It brought me back to my childhood eating my grandmothers charred bell peppers with olive oil and vinegar. I absolutely loved this dish.
We also got the French onion miso soup and it is exactly what you would expect. French onion miso. Definitely interesting and unconventional.
We ordered the salt and pepper squid. They were lightly battered and delicious. Not overly seasoned and it let the saltiness shine through.
Rock shrimp tempura is breaded shrimp tossed in a spicy mayo sauce. The breading had started to soak up the sauce and it just had a good mouthfeel. Very tasty and mildly spicy.
The short rib and truffle dumpling was rich and fatty. I loved the truffle forward taste and the smoothness of this dish. The dumpling filling was tender and as a short rib lover, I enjoyed this one. Do not order this dish if you don’t like truffle.
The big eye tuna with sticky rice was also delicious. A little too spice for me, I almost just got this dish because of the texture of the rice. 
I think my second favorite dish was the butter crab roll. It was a solely crab roll with a soy/butter sauce that was delicious. I enjoyed the sweetness of the crab with the saltiness of the sauce and the fat of the butter. So yummy.
We also got the filet mignon and the kimchi fried rice. They cooked the steak beautifully, we like it on the rare side. 
Overall it was a delicious meal, the dishes are small and perfect to get a bunch and share. 

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