Why I took a break from social media.

I spend a good portion on my day on social media, either connecting with friends or putting out content for my business. As many of you know of the horrific, senseless acts of what happened in Texas and all of the innocent children and teachers that died. This affected me deeply although I didn’t personally know anyone. I guess its because I am a mother and my children are around the same age as those children that got killed or the fact that I have been feeling extra sensitive lately. I would say 99% of what was circling on social media was about the Texas shooting. I kept seeing pictures of the victims, but what really did it for me was the video of the parents outside of the school begging the police officers to enter the building and rescue their children. I broke down and having battled with depression, I knew I had to take myself out of this situation. So, I decided to stay off social media for some time. 

I got to spend extra quality time with my children for the long weekend. I also got to spend quality time with Tony and we just chilled. 

I started feeling a lot better as the days passed and even though it was a short break ( about 5 days) I can honestly say I feel a lot better.

My point is, there is nothing wrong with taking a break from things that are not serving you in the moment. If you are in a situation that is jeopardizing your mental health, you can excuse yourself from it and return at a later time, or don’t return at all.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the families of this horrific tragedy in Texas. 




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