What chemicals are in your candles?

Before I ever thought about having my own candle company, I was a sucker for a great candle. I mean, I have burned probably every candle you can think of. Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works, Jo Malone, Diptyque, Cide Trudon, Le Labo, Voluspa, are just some of the few brands of candles I've religiously purchased over the years.

Sometimes I would get headaches while having candles lit and I couldn't  figure out why. I noticed I would get them when I had certain candles lit and I wanted to find our why. I started researching and I discovered that a lot of the candles I love had toxic chemicals in the wax. Now, I am not trying to shit on any candle companies, I am speaking from personal experience. However, I quickly discovered that sometimes, what makes certain candles so great is also very harmful to our health.

Parrafin wax.

Parrafix wax is a type of wax that is derived from petroleum, coal, or shale oil. It is extremely common in candles and is also very cheap, which is why some candle makers prefer to use it. But beware, it is very toxic! In 2009, South Caroline State University conducted a study that found that burning candles made from parrafin wax gives off harmful fumes, toluene and benzene. These fumes being released into the air you are breathing can cause asthma and lung cancer. It some extreme cases, it can also cause skin irritation and irritation of the respiratory tract. It may take years for you to see any kind of effect from this, but that doesn't mean your body isn't suffering the consequence.


Stearic Acid.

Stearic acid has been a favorite in the candle-making community. Basically, it is a powdered chemical that is dissolved and added to a candle to make it more fragrant. It also had really bad effects like general irritation. It causes irritation in your respiratory tract.


Metal wicks.

The wick in your candle is also important. Some candle companies have wicks that are braided cotton surrounding a super thin metal core. This helps the wick to stay upright when burning. Sometimes they are made from zinc, tin, and lead. Burning candles with any kind of metal in the wick in extremely dangerous. It has been known to cause lead poisoning and other respiratory issues.


Candle Dyes.

You know those really pretty colors that some of your favorite candles have? That bright pink, or the really cool black candles that are out on the market now? Those are made with drops or color blocks to dye the wax. When burning these candles, these dyes are also burned into the air and are also very harmful. The toxic burned particles are released into the air in our homes and cause lung issues, cardiac problems, cancer, autoimmune  diseases and allergies.


My goal for this post is to basically educate. After researching and testing, I strive to give you a product that you not only can enjoy, but you can confidently burn in your home and know that it isn't going to cause any type of health issues to your family. My son has asthma and I have always struggled to find a candle that I can enjoy and he won't have a reaction to. I meticulously created my very own blend of pure coconut wax and mixed it with 100% soy wax. We do not add any additives to our candles and we DO NOT have any type of metal wicks or dyes. Our wicks are made up of 100% braided cotton and our candles have no dyes.

Research your candles and make sure before you purchase them, that you are not just buying something that smells good but is harmful to you and your family.




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